The Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE at the Trossingen University of Music sees itself as a bridge builder between innovative approaches of our digital age for artistic practice, research and teaching and the traditions of artistic disciplines. In the sense of a studio, it creates new spaces for the preservation and updating of the musical-artistic heritage.

The Ateliertag on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 took place parallel to the Information Day for prospective students at the University of Music and offered prospective students, students and teachers at the University of Music and Performing Arts, as well as the interested public, the opportunity to discover, explore and research the many facets of music in the digital age through open teaching, workshops and performances.

On the eve of the Ateliertag, Prof. Sonja Lena Schmid, Professor for Ensemble and Digital Performance at the Landeszentrum MUSIK-DESIGN-PERFORMANCE, gave her inaugural concert "cello/multiples".

In the following we present the program of our studio day. A PDF version of the event flyer can be downloaded here.


Wednesday, 20 November 2019


The night before | 7:30 pm | Konzertsaal

Inaugural concert by Prof. Sonja Lena Schmid
Tuesday, 19 November 2019 | 19:30 Uhr
Concert hall of the Trossingen University of Music

In her inaugural concert as professor for ensemble and digital performance Sonja Lena Schmid gives an insight into her artistic work. "cello/multiples" ranges from current compositions created in close collaboration with the cellist to duos with zither (as guest: Leopold Hurt/Decoder Ensemble) and ensemble karaoke together with students. Acoustic sounds meet electronics, sound meets movement, instrumental virtuosity meets a pack of howling wolves.

Sonja Lena Schmid, cello
Leopold Hurt, alto, bass and electric zither
Maximiliano Estudies, sound direction
Open Source Ensemble

Works of Leopold Hurt, Pedro González Fernandez, Sarah Nemtsov, Martin Jaggi, Yannis Kyriakides

Translated with


Fotos: Gerhard Kühne



9:00 am | Raum R165.

Sound apps for students and teachers
Workshop with Prof. Dr. Philipp Ahner

The beginner's workshop with smartphones and tablets explores digital instruments and tools for recording, editing, imitating and creating sounds.

11:00 am | Kleine Aula

Playing with the Instrument
Lecture with Prof. Sonja Lena Schmid

Insights into working processes between composer and performer, backgrounds and conversation about the concert program "cello/multiples".

12:00 am | Raum R234

Insights into digital media production
Open teaching with Prof. Olaf Taranczewski

Composition, arrangement, mixing and working with sample libraries on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) are discussed on the basis of an existing music production.

2:00 pm | Kleine Aula

Study programme Music Design
Presentation with Andreas Brand

The STUDIENGANG MUSIKDESIGN presents itself from 14.00 - 15.00 in the "small auditorium" with general information about the study program, study contents, music design projects and the application process. In addition it is possible to place own questions and to come with music Design students into the discussion.

3:00 pm | Kleine Aula

Was sind Sounds?
Author reading with Prof. Dr. Rainer Bayreuther

Rainer Bayreuther presents several short passages from his book "Was sind Sounds?" (What are Sounds?) The study is a basic work for the various variations of Sound Studies.

4:00 pm | Raum C401 (Hans-Lenz-Haus)

Audiovisual Performance
Open teaching with Prof. Thorsten Greiner

The module focuses on the audiovisual production of the opera workshop production "Orpheus 1607-2019" - A multimedia music theatre.

17:00 Uhr | Raum R234

Wird künstliche Intelligenz die Musik verändern?
Lecture with Prof. Ludger Brümmer

A reflection on the available techniques of AI and their application in artistic contexts, including the historical development of AI.

6:00 pm | Raum R234

VHS-Musikimpuls: Klang-Apps
Workshop with Prof. Dr. Philipp Ahner

In this small beginner workshop with smartphones and tablets, digital instruments and tools are explored to record, edit, imitate and create sounds.

A cooperation with the Volkshochschule Stadt und Kreis Tuttlingen. Registration required. To the online registration.

6:00 pm | Raum R153

VHS-Musikimpuls: "Listen up!"
Workshop with Prof. Dr. Christina Zenk

The multifaceted development of popular music of the 20th century will be explored in this workshop not theoretically, but audibly. An auditory journey through different genres – discover, recognize, classify, systematize...

A cooperation with the Volkshochschule Stadt und Kreis Tuttlingen. Registration required. To the online registration.

19:30 Uhr | Kleine Aula


In the atelier concert, professors and students of the Musikhochschule present their own compositions, artistic works and performances. The programme will be announced soon. Admission is free.

Afterwards | Kleine Aula

Late Night Session

The AStA of the Musikhochschule invites you to conclude the studio day with live music and DJ sets.