The Cookbook Sessions

"Good taste sets the tone!"

There is cooking, boiling and steaming going on in the musical laboratory kitchen of the Musikhochschule Trossingen: When Anika Neipp invites you to the Cookbook Session at the Kulturfabrik Kesselhaus, lecturers from the Musikhochschule and musicians from the regional scene meet an exceptional international artist in a cosy living room atmosphere. In the best sense of a fusion cuisine, the spontaneous encounter merges the most diverse musical genres and unusual instrumentations, garnished with a love of improvisation and unbridled joy of playing, into a great musical tasting menu. In accordance with the feast for the ears, Kesselhaus host Markus Santo also serves the favourite food and drink of the respective guest artist. An experience for all senses. We hope you like it!

The event format "The Cookbook Sessions" brings together different departments and genres at the Musikhochschule Trossingen once a year. In addition to the concert highlight on Saturday evening, students from various subjects at the University of Music will be exploring new musical methods and recipes on the respective topic of the Cookbook Session in a workshop together with the guest artist and the team of lecturers.

Vol. 3 "World Music meets Jazz and Pop"

October 17th, 2020 | 7:30 pm | Livestream

With The Cookbook Sessions Vol. 3 the world is a guest of friends. This year, Bodek Janke, one of the most sought-after drummers and percussionists on the international jazz and world music scene, brings his worldwide musical experience to the Trossingen concert stage. The New York drumming legend John Riley calls him a "master of many dialects". In a unique and outstanding way, the musical globetrotter lets drums, Indian tabla and various percussion instruments merge into his own unique sound. Together with a band of lecturers from the University of Music Trossingen he will present an exciting melting pot of different musical cultures following the motto "World Music meets Jazz and Pop".

The participating musicians are: Bodek Janke (Drums/Percussion), Anika Neipp (Vocals), Matthias Anton (Saxophone), Raphael Lott (Piano), German Klaiber (Bass), Martin Deufel (Drums) and Timo Dufner (Visuals).

The team responsible for technology and organization: Dr. Joachim Goßmann (streaming), Wolfgang Mittermaier and Tobias Reiner (sound), Dagmar Vinzenz, Henry Brandstetter, Ori Zylberstein and Laura Mingo Pérez (visuals), Ralf Pfründer (lighting), Sven Reisch (coordination).

Due to the current Corona situation, the concert will be broadcast exclusively in the livestream on this website. For full listening experience we recommend using headphones or connecting your receiver to a hi-fi system.
The matching recipes for the ear candy will be published here in time before the event - enjoy at home with all your senses our Cookbook Session Vol. 3!

For the ears and eyes

For the palate

Bodeks vegetable improvisation with rice

Jasmine rice
laurel leaf

vegetables as you like, e.g. turnips, fennel, broccoli, zucchini, onions, mushrooms
Olive oil
White wine or water to deglaze
Whipped cream
Capers at will
salt, pepper
Coriander for garnishing

Vitamins and Vodka

Juice of half an orange
juice of half a lemon
1 dash of ginger juice
1 shot of lime juice to taste
1 shot of vodka
Cane sugar
Serve on ice as desired

Vol. 2 "Early Music meets Jazz and Pop"

12.10.2019 | 19:30 Uhr | Kesselhaus Trossingen

With The Cookbook Sessions Vol. 2, the new and exceptional event format entered its second round right at the start of the 2019/20 winter semester. Under the musical motto "Early Music meets Jazz and Pop" the two stylistics merged live on stage. Once again, Kesselhaus host Markus Santo served the matching "Signature Dish".

The new edition of the Cookbook Sessions is a cooperation of the Jazz Department, the Institute for Early Music and the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE at the Trossingen University of Music.

The participating musicians: Rolf Lieslevand (lute/theorbo), Richard Röbel (harpsichord), Anika Neipp (voc), Jan van Elsacker (voc), Matthias Anton (sax), Christian Kramer (Trb) Olaf Taranczewski (keys), German Klaiber (bass) and Karl Koch (drums).

For the ears and eyes

Video by Laura Mingo Pérez and Henry Brandstetter
Fotos by Laura Mingo Pérez

Indian Curry

coming soon...

Gin and Tonic

4 cl gin
12 cl Tonic Water
Ice cubes

In a highball glass filled with ice cubes, pour the gin, then top with tonic.
Stir well. Garnish with a slice of lime or lemon or a slice of cucumber as desired.

Vol. 1 "Rhythm & Blues" feat. Niels HP


The Danish singer, drummer and composer Niels HP is a fixture in the Scandinavian jazz and R&B scene. Together with the teachers of our Jazz/Pop department he opened the new concert series "The Cookbook Sessions" at the Kulturfabrik Kesselhaus. Kesselhaus host Markus Santo served a "Signature Dish" and the guest star's favourite drink to the music.

... also with the band: Anika Neipp (voc), Matthias Anton (sax), Thomas Förster (keys), Raphael Lott (synth), Rolo Pfeiffer (guit), Arpi Ketterl (bass), Frank Denzinger (drums), Robin Schmidt (SoundE).

For the eye

Pictures by Katharina Neipp and Tobias Pötzsch

For the palate

Smørrebrød with smoked salmon

slice of rye bread
1 teaspoon butter
2 slices smoked salmon
1 tsp horseradish
1 tbsp sour cream
2 leaves frisée salad
5-10 capers

Butter the rye bread. Mix horseradish with sour cream and spread on the buttered bread. Place one or two leaves of frisée salad on top, drape salmon on top and decorate with capers.

Dark & Stormy

5 cl brown rum
15 cl Ginger Beer
2 cl lime juice
1 lime column

Put the ice cubes in a Longdrink glass. Add brown rum and lime juice and fill up with ginger beer. Garnish with lime slices.