Creative Lab Kunsthalle Mannheim

The extension of the Kunsthalle Mannheim, inaugurated in 2018, is the largest reconstruction of an art museum in Germany. The new concept of the Kunsthalle Mannheim with its digital strategy offers a modern access to art. At the centre of this concept is the Creative Lab. Digital tools and multimedia forms of presentation can be tested interactively in four rooms in the 21st century art museum.

In 2017/18 the Kunsthalle Mannheim cooperated with the Trossingen University of Music and the Hochschule Furtwangen University (HFU). The starting point of the engagement was the Music Design Laboratory of the Musikhochschule Trossingen. The implementation took place under the leadership of the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE in cross-university teams. Five exhibits were created.


  • Prof. Florian Käppler, Course Director Musikdesign
  • Prof. Thorsten Greiner, Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE
  • Prof. Ludger Brümmer, Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE
  • Vincent Wikström, Lecturer Musikdesign
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Wölfel, Hochschule Furtwangen
  • Andreas Siess, Hochschule Furtwangen
  • Anne-Marie Bergfeld, Coordination


Oliver Tab Bellmann, Floris Demandt, Vincent Egerter, Franz-Wieland Filtz, Lukas Hertzsch, Alexander Jung, Sara Kindschus, Maelle Ludwig, Lennard Meyermann, Kim Myung Duk, Lukas Neckritz, Raimund Seitz, Silvius Sonvilla, Bjarne Taurnier, Dennis Weitmann (all students Musikdesign, Musikhochschule Trossingen)

Ascensión Maria Fuentes Campos, Michael Schmitz, Konstantin Suhhovski, Oliver Tab Bellmann, Johanna Fricke, Antonia Marx (all students Musikhochschule Trossingen)

Maurice Herrbrich, David Hoffmann, Alischa Jewko, Anna Krause, Maria-Magdalena Kühnhardt (all students Hochschule Furtwangen, Fakultät Digitale Medien)

The Exhibits

"SculptYours" builds a bridge in digital space between artist's studio and exhibition: with a tablet, the user can create a sculpture from an imagined material and actively participate in the creation process. Sculpture is transferred into digital form with the help of augmented reality and a few hand movements. The museum visitor becomes an artist. An individually adapted sound design underlines the act of creation.