Musikdesign Open House

Students present their work from the winter semester 2019/20

New media formats are constantly emerging as a result of digitalisation. All these innovations require music and sound. The Music Design programme at the Trossingen State University of Music opened its doors and on 19 February 2020 showed what has been developed in teaching and project work in the field of tension between these future areas in the winter semester 2019/20. There was also information about the course of study, the application tasks published on 15 February 2020 and plenty of opportunities for discussions with teachers and students.

A special surprise was to be expected at the audio dinner. What does taste actually sound like? Seven courses were served for the visitors and they had to follow their tongue. Thus the taste experience was reflected in a feast for the ears, a sound design from the student sound kitchen.

How music design students use sound design to create entire fantasy worlds became apparent in the experience of animated films with sound. In addition to films, radio plays were also presented, which students conceived and realized in cooperation with authors from the UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg. Speech, music and sounds are turned into an impressive experience via a multi-channel system.

But there were also hands-on activities for young and old. How does a piece of music come into being and which parameters make up a given style? Students provided insights into the steps of their creative work. Here, visitors were able to gain an insight into the processes of music production, learn about design possibilities and listen to individual recording tracks or effects. Another workshop offered visitors the opportunity to improvise a sound design for a film scene themselves.

The corridor in the university's music and media centre is now decorated with graphic scores drawn and set to music by the music design students. Each image is provided with a QR code and allows visual and auditory levels to merge. In the staircase the art exhibition "Revolt! Creative Urban Art", which was shown last summer in Balingen, was revived in extracts. Sound collages of the exhibition are edited in the context of their origin and also invited to participate.

In addition to the presentation of annual projects, in which advanced students deal intensively with a self-chosen topic – for example "Buchla 200 - the replica of a modular synthesizer system from the 1970s" – music designers were also on stage in the small auditorium in the evening. In a workshop concert they presented their compositions for electronics and instrument, performed in various band formations and the laptop ensemble "TROLL" was also in the spotlight.

Fotos: Laura Mingo Pérez