Nanyang Soundtrack Collaboration

Film Music and Sound Design for Animated Short Films

Together with Prof. Florian Clemens Käppler from the Trossingen University of Music and Prof. Hannes Rall from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Prof. Olaf Taranczewski is in charge of the "Soundtrack Collaboration" between the Trossingen University of Music and the students of the School of Art, Design and Media. The music design students contribute not only the music compositions, but also the sound designs to the animated films from Singapore.

A major challenge of the cooperation, which has been in existence since 2012, is that the artistic development processes between the film artists in Singapore and the composers in Trossingen take place purely digitally via social networks, video conferences and digital platforms. The fact that this method of working can also lead to excellent results is demonstrated by participation in numerous international film festivals and awards for joint projects such as the Crowbar Award 2015 (Singapore, 1st prize for best animated film) and the National Youth Film 2015 Award (UK).

In addition to Florian Käppler, film composer Prof. Dr. Pitt Funck and sound designer Jürgen Swoboda have contributed significantly to these successes.

As is customary in film music, digital music production is combined with the recording of classical instruments and composed to the exact frame of the picture. In addition, language and cultural barriers are overcome through months of joint project work.

Project Supervision

  • Prof. Olaf Taranczewski

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