The Professors of the Landeszentrums MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE

Six professorships are located at the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Ahner | Professor for Music Education and Music Didactics in the Context of Digital Media
Prof. Ludger Brümmer | Professor for Composition for Digital Media
Prof. Thorsten Greiner | Professor for Intermedial Design and Sound Interaction
Prof. Sonja Lena Schmid | Professor for Ensemble and Digital Performance
Prof. Olaf Taranczewski | Professor for Producing with Focus on Jazz/Pop
Prof. Dr. Christina Zenk | Professor for Music-related Design Theory in the Context of Digital Media

In addition, other professors, teachers and staff of the Trossingen University of Music as well as numerous project partners are involved in the work of the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE.