Review Ateliertag 10. Dez 2018

The second Ateliertag of the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE with the program "Extended Reality" showed the range of current design possibilities and scientific questions: The diverse range of workshops, project presentations, performances, lectures and forums provided insights into the scope of the Landeszentrum and facilitated exchange and discussion about both the present and the future.

Programme Items

Lehre mit digitalen Plattformen: Einführung in Moodle

09.00 Uhr | Raum C301 | Rawand Baziany, Joachim Goßmann

Moodle is a worldwide established digital learning platform for teachers and students that is used by over 70,000 educational institutions in Germany and internationally. It is also available at our university and is already in use.
The workshop offers an introduction to the use of the Moodle platform in daily teaching. All teachers and students of the university are therefore addressed.

Moodle facilitates among other things:
- Communication, organization, collaboration (forums, calendars, chats, wikis...)
- Group work, tasks/materials, tests
- and much more