TROLL – Trossinger Laptopensemble

Interdisciplinary Fusion of Digital and Classical Performance

Composers, performers and sound artists meet at the Trossinger Laptopensemble to explore the boundaries between contemporary sound art, computer music and interactive technologies. The students conquer their computer as an instrument and at the same time are challenged in improvisation, composition, performance and ensemble playing. This is a challenge that the musicians* are tackling across genres and musical disciplines. Together, experimental sound art, crossover projects and concerts are conceived and performed.

The Trossinger Laptopensemble is anchored in the Landeszentrum MUSIK–DESIGN–PERFORMANCE and in the Medienzentrum of the Trossingen University of Music.

Project Supervision

  • Prof. Sonja Lena Schmid

Contact Information


Staatliche Hochschule für Musik
Schultheiß-Koch-Platz 3
78647 Trossingen

Phone +49 (0) 7425 9491-52

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