Vom Klang der Bilder

The Sound of Pictures

A film project with support from BWS plus

Project Description

When hearing takes the gaze beyond the horizon – the sound of pictures

The project aims to build a deeper understanding between Chinese and German students and teachers that goes beyond words. From autumn 2017 to summer 2020, six films will be shot in a joint creative design process, all with the theme of sound as an essential cultural theme. The themes of the individual films will be decided in advance by both teams together. In Germany, the team consists of several students and teachers who prepare themselves intensively for the work phases, among other things through language courses.
Every six months, alternating between Shanghai and Trossingen, there are one-week film production phases. All costs (except the expenses for the scholarship holders) incurred in Shanghai are borne by Tongji University.
The results will be presented to a larger audience both in Shanghai and in Trossingen.

Project Goals and Sustainability
The primary aim is a deepened and multi-faceted mutual understanding of the different cultures, since through audiovisual observation and design an understanding on a special level can be achieved. In addition, the results-oriented cooperation will be further expanded by this project in its commitment and sustainability. A media partnership will be sought through the presentation at both locations.

Scientific research is also planned on these film projects, which testify to the cultural encounters between China and Germany in the 21st century.
Furthermore, the project makes a valuable contribution to the long-standing cultural project "Seidenstraße XXI".
The scholarships should lead to a long-term student exchange.

Internationalisation Strategy
The cooperation with Tongji University began in 2014 and since then the Trossingen University of Music has been supporting the establishment of the music department there. Since 2015, the University of Music has organized the "German Week of Chamber Music" in Shanghai every year in March and in the same year was involved in the founding of two research centers at Tongji University. In addition to the short-term exchange of students, long-term projects are also aimed at that deal with topics of the 21st century and build a bridge across the continents.

Project Supervision

  • Prorector Prof. Wolfgang Wagenhäuser

Artistic Team

  • Prof. Florian Käppler (music design)
  • Dagmar Vinzenz (media expertise, video)
  • Prof. Thorsten Greiner (intermedial design, sound interaction)
  • Prof. Olaf Taranczewski (music production, soundtrack)
  • Prof. Dr. Dierk Zaiser (music & movement)

"Vom Klang der Bilder" is a project within the program "Baden-Württemberg-Stipendium für Studierende - BWS plus" of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.